About Developer

I am Željko, codename FluxMeister, this is my story in brief.


Hardened soldier

I used to be a ...

I was a professional soldier, used to discipline and taught to be durable. These qualities I exploit in my work on every project.

Creativity Boom

Stage performer

The inspiration led me to strange paths

There was a time when I was overwhelmed by the wave of creativity that was first manifested through the stage expression

Creativity evolved


I used to be a ...

During the dance expression, I experienced close contact with the music, which later culminated in the practice of DJing – Dr Pauk was born!


Fatherhood and Experience

The moment came when everything became a whole and got meaning

Studying the world together; having a child means to live a life from the beginning, but now you organize it on your own.


Pre - Development

And I also have these two presentations from past time, that should not concern anybody significantly, but let's state them here just not to let them become forgotten


World, here I am!

My very old and very first presentation on, still there because I probably got sentimental but no real use of that…


University stuff

My second presentation in a row, which I used for organizing faculty stuff. Maybe someone out there still can find something of interest.



On these few pages you should have gained some perspective of what can be done with WordPress. Video backgrounds are loaded from an external source, because this hosting company does not allow media files to be hosted directly on a client’s website. Also, you can see the posting feature as well as the content sharing via social networks. Everything can have completely different structure and organization in nearly unlimited number of variations, so the actual work of mine can easily meet your demands.